Mango Lassi

‘Dhoop’ and ‘Aam Di Lassi’ or Mango Lassi are lovers. Come the summer season, the mangoes laden on the branches of the village trees get plucked and fresh Mango Lassi is made out of them. At Pind Patiala, we make use of the best quality mangoes that are sourced from the Pind in order for the Lassi to have a taste exactly like the one that we get to taste back in the lanes of the Pind. Made from the most exquisite variety of Mangoes, the creamy and delicious Lassi is made by putting in juicy pieces of Mango and crushing them along with adding dahi or yogurt for it to achieve just the perfect consistency. To this mixture is added sugar to make it sweet and some cardamom for it to have a soothing effect when it enters the body. So, when a hot season strikes, Pind Patiala and the Pindi-di Mango Lassi are to your rescue. Order the best Mango Lassi online near you in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Mango Lassi

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