Murgh Biryani

Swad, in a Punjabi’s kitchen is determined by the aroma of a dish, the way it travels through to the stomach, and it is this khushboo that we think of when making our Biryani. The tender flavour of rice infused with juicy chicken pieces when Biryani is served in a plate is a whole experience in itself. The process of cooking a Murgh Biryani involves tirelessly cooking the rice with just the perfect ease so that it does not lose its khada-Pan, or the ability to be freshly cooked. The Chicken is made in khade masale that are tastefully merged into a gracious amount of yogurt or dahi so that the consistency of the paste produced is perfect. The final process involves covering the Chicken with the rice, the process being dum, so that the final amalgamation results in every grain of rice having the exquisite flavour of the Chicken, every ounce making the eater say, waah! Murgh Biryani is a signature Punjabi dish at Pind Patiala. Order the best Murgh (Chicken) Biryani online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Murgh Biryani

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