Pind Murgh Tikka Masala (Boneless 6 pcs)

Punjabi food is a reflection of happiness, joy and shukar and much of that is visible in the colours and the taste of the Pindi platter--when whole Chicken pieces are deliciously marinated in taaza dahi and ginger-garlic additioned to khade masale including garam masala and Kashmiri Mirch and left alone for the masala to merge and seep in perfectly through the Chicken drums, it is almost like a new season has descended onto the lush orange marinated Tikkas. What makes it worth the while is when these pieces are charred and grilled and then added to an absolutely breathtaking kacchi tomato curry, what emerges as the final output is a delicacy that every Chicken-fanatic loves to bits. A faint sweet memory of the village, Pind Murgh Tikka Masala is best enjoyed with authentic Basmati Chawal or a flatbread. Order the best Pind Murgh Tikka Masala online in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Pind Murgh Tikka Masala (Boneless 6 pcs)

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