Punjabi Bhuna Mutton (Half 3 pcs)

From the Pindi setup of a kadhayi on a mitti ka chulha, comes a dish, the grandeur of which is unmatched - the Punjabi Bhuna Mutton. It is a gravy-based dish that is cooked with mutton and loads and loads of onions fried in a whole lot of masalas that add just that right taste to the dish. Because the mutton is roasted when the onion masala is added, the juices inter-mingle perfectly with the spices that are added, giving us a gravy that is rich with nutrition and an out-of-the-world taste. This gravy-based dish is generally loaded with the perfect mix of spices cooked in oil, and is paired best with a Phulka, Lachcha Parantha or Naan. Order the best Punjabi Bhuna Mutton online near you in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Punjabi Bhuna Mutton (Half  3 pcs)

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