Punjabi Mutton Qorma

From the glistening lands through which the five rivers flow, Punjabi Mutton Qorma comes carrying the flavors and aromas of the land itself, of the people and of their traditions. Punjabi Mutton Qorma is one of the most loved dishes in the Pind and is a recipe that is cooked with oodles of desi ghee, butter and spices that come from the land and coupled with ginger-garlic, fried onions that are mashed and added to the beautiful mutton pieces. The dish is constantly tossed within the cooking handi because the mutton isn’t marinated traditionally and needs to be cooked for a longer duration of time. The Punjabi Mutton Qorma from Pind Patiala assures you of the taste of the Pind. Order the best Punjabi Mutton Qorma (Korma) online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Punjabi Mutton Qorma

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