Rogan Josh

Crimson browns or shimmering golden fall short when describing the beautiful allure of Rogan Josh - when you see it you know that it is the colour of patience - a deep dark beautiful red. Rogan Josh is no less than a shahi tour across the native village, it feels like sitting with the elders and having a dish that is made with Punjabi love. The Pindi Rogan Josh is a dish that speaks of richness and hence has a lot of butter, Makhan, which is where the “Rogan” comes from. A dish primarily made with lamb or meat, it is a blend of rich masalas ground together and coupled with onion and yogurt to make it even more Pindi. A treat for the palate and the stomach, Rogan Josh is a meal in itself, Order the best and delicious Mutton Rogan Josh online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Rogan Josh

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