Amritsari Chole

‘Amritsar’ and ‘Chole’ are a favourite word combo in the Pind, and the reason why we bring you Amritsari Chole, a traditionally prepared street delicacy straight from sadda Punjab! When softened Chickpeas or Chole are added to the beautiful brown onions stir fried with khade masale, the result is a breathtaking Punajbi dish that nobody can shy away from. Amritsari Chole also have spiced tomatoes and green chilies that are added to the stir-fried onions to cook them perfectly so that they can blend in with the Chole. This curry will surely make you do quick time-travel to Amritsar and its celebrated street food. Order the best Amritsari Chole online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Amritsari Chole

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