Dal Makhni

What is generally called ‘Maa Ki Dal’ is prepared with the same love at Pind Patiala, but is a rendition that is cooked with Black lentils that are slow cooked to absolute perfection by adding in a thick rich masala that is made with tomatoes and gracefully coupled with fresh cream. The star of this dish is the butter that is added when the Dal reaches its final stage. ‘Makhni’ is derived from Makhan or Butter which makes Dal Makhni by Pind Patiala a must have when serving a Pindi vegetarian meal. The smoky taste of Black Lentils coupled with the soothing and creamy texture of the butter that is added as a top layer to the Dal is soul-satisfying experience. Pair it with a Roti or Rice, Dal Makhani by Pind Patiala will always steal the show. Order the best Dal Makhani online near me in Delhi NCR and get home delivery.

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Dal Makhni

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