Kadhai Soya Chaap

Cooked with the classic Soya Chaap recipe, the rendition of cooking the dish in a Kadhai adds a certain touch of rust to the recipe - with cashew nuts added to the gravy that is prepared with chopped onions, jeera and garlic, the dish attains a completely different level of taste as well as colour. The richness of the dish comes from the process of cooking the marinated soya chaap in a Kadhai because everything from frying the marinated chaap to prepare the masala as well as the curry happen in the same vessel. The The versatility of a Kadhai is the reason why Kadhai Soya Chaap acquires that rich taste and texture. The additional roughly chopped onions and capsicum chunks that are marinated with the chaap pieces fuse in more swad to the dish. Order the best Kadhai Soya Chaap online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Kadhai Soya Chaap

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