Masala Soya Chaap

Re-defining what comfort food is our favourite dish from the Pindi menu - Masala Soya Chaap, a classic curry that no food-addict can say a no to. A Chaap is made from the combination of Soyabean, a vegetarian rendition of meat and is coupled with flour. But, the real life to it comes when its sticks prepared with Soya are dipped and added to a special tomato-based curry. The process of cooking this absolute delight involves simmering and cooking the curry over high flame in order to let the khade masale mix well into the tomato and onion paste and finally the Chaap, when added to this glorious orange paste is cooked consistently to let the taste of the spices and aroma of the curry seep in through the Soyabean, making them juicy, luscious and soft to devour. Order the best Masala Soya Chaap online near me in Delhi NCR and get home delivery.

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Masala Soya Chaap

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