Paneer Lababdar

Cooked in a delectable creamy gravy, Paneer Lababdar is a favourite amongst the North Indian audiences because of its rich and satiating mix of paneer and a tomato based gravy that is cooked gracefully with milk cream making its consistency just perfect to be had with a Nan, Roti or Parantha. Lababdar, means a complete surrender to something and when coupled with an ingredient like Cottage Cheese, Paneer Lababdar really is a dish that makes one’s taste buds surrender to the taste. Such is the exquisiteness of the gravy and the juicy Paneer pieces that one cannot not have it when one wants to try the delicacies that constitute the North Indian food platter. Order the best Paneer Lababdar online in Delhi NCR and get home delivery.

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Paneer Lababdar

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