Punjabi Murgh Tikka

Tikka is the life of a Punjabi’s heart, literally meaning small pieces of Chicken that are cooked to give them flavour and a delightful aroma. When small cuts are made into the Chicken drumsticks and oozed with a combination of lemon coupled with the quintessential haldi-namak-mirch, the colour of the tikkas is a sight that steals one’s heart right there and then. Added to these is dahi or yogurt that amplifies that taste as well as helps in perfectly absorbing flavour to every piece of the tikka. After the glorious process of marination, the ready tikkas are cooked in oil to further develop the colour of the pieces and once they are a marvellous golden brown colour, the tikkas are ready to be devoured. But, the real takeaway from the dish is the extra lemon juice, nimbu-ras that is added to at the top of the cooked tikkas – accompanies with sliced onions it is heaven in a plate. Order the best Punjabi Murgh Tikka online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Punjabi Murgh Tikka

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