Dahi Kebab Pind Patiala

Pind Patiala brings to you a rendition of the Dahi ke Kebab where a sensual mix of dahi, paneer and cheese is used to make balls that result in a soft circle that melts as soon as it enters the mouth. Kebabs are meant to satiate the palate along with providing a filling to the craving stomach, with Dahi ke Kebab we do exactly that - besan is fried and roasted consistently to use it as a coat to the rolled kebab balls, this results in the kebabs being crunchy and crispy on the surface while being magically soft from the inside. Made with Pind Patiala’s fresh dahi that we process at our own units, the dahi with which the kebabs are made is a quality that fuses with the added spices and results in flavour, taste and satiety when they enter the mouth. Not only can these be had as a snack but can also compliment tea breaks perfectly. Order the best Pind Patiala Dahi Kebab online in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Dahi Kebab Pind Patiala

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