Paneer Tikka Multani

Paneer is like that lover that never leaves your side, no matter what. And because it is an element that needs no additional cooking, it is almost always present in any vegetarian or non-vegetarian’s menu. The tikka takes shape when the paneer cut into square pieces is marinated in a satiating mixture that comprises of the evergreen yogurt and ginger-garlic to which additional taste components like green chilies, kasoori methi, garam masala, nimbu-ras and chopped and sliced onions are added. The marinated pieces then go onto a skewer and are pierced into a fine line with enough distance so that each of them can have their share of heat and can come out as absolutely sublime tikka pieces to satiate your cravings. The best part about Paneer Tikka Multani is that the colour of the marinated paste is a beautiful yellow cream which reminds one of the bygone village-era when food was an art. Along with this, the tikkas are then graced with melted makhan or butter and it is this that finally adds that little touch of heaven! Order the most delicious Multani Paneer Tikka online in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Paneer Tikka Multani

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