Gajar Ka Halwa

The mashooq, the lover of the winter season, the hot sizzling Gajar Ka Halwa is a sweet-dish that is loved by one and all. The magic of making this dish is j patience and the art of stirring and cooking continuously. Grated Gajar, sugar and water are added to a cooking utensil and are stirred consistently. But, the real magic happens when milk is added to this mixture because it is with this milk that the batter really converts to a Halwa, a pudding like dish that dissolves on the palate yet leaves a lingering sweet taste on the tongue. We bring you Pind to’ Gajar Ka Halwa, an exclusive sweet dish at Pind Patiala. Order the best Gajar Ka Halwa online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Gajar Ka Halwa

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