Gulab Jamun (1pc)

Who does not remember the sweets that were eaten after a filling meal? For most, the Gulab Jamun is the varq or the silver covering of each meal, the moment you pop it into your mouth, it almost feels like you have traversed into jannat. The most classic sweet-dish of the Pindi platter, the Gulab Jamun is made by kneading the milk with the sugar and flour in order to prepare a thick paste with which the Jamun balls are made and fried. The process of talna, or frying is the most important as it is this process that helps in making the Jamuns brown and juicy. These are added to the chaashni, the sweet syrup that is made with simmering of water and sugar overtime. Kept aside for sometime so that it can soak in all the sugar and syrup, the jamuns come out as juicy as they can get. A treat to the eyes and a ‘gedi’ for the senses, you cannot miss relishing this. Order the best Gulab Jamun online near you in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Gulab Jamun (1pc)

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