A traditional pudding dish that has a lot of history, Kheer is something that all of us have grown up having and our love for it only amplifies everytime we relish it. At Pind Patiala, the Kheer that is made is a delicious yet calming assortment of the perfect balances of rice, milk and sugar. The Pindi way of cooking the Kheer is to heat the milk, cheeni and chawal until it reaches a temperature where it achieves a thick consistency and the rice becomes soft enough by merging in which the milk and the sugar. Every grain of the Kheer that we cook is a holy travel back to the lanes of the Village where mothers used to cook it in their Handis. To make the Kheer the perfect ’mittha’ to end the meal with, we prepare it by adding a generous amount of dry fruits to make it a zabaan-da-safar that has both the softness of the Rice as well as the crunch of the dry fruits. Order the best Kheer online near you in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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