Rasmalai (1pc)

That one dish that has caressed millions of sweet tooths for ages is the classic Rasmalai, a sweet-dish that is the king of sweets. Made with the patient process of boiling and curdling milk i to make the right Chena, the most important ingredient of the dish. Chena, with which the Rasmalai gets made must be extremely soft, so ice cubes are immediately added after the milk is taken off the stove. After the Chena is soft and palpable, it is kneaded with bare hands to make it silky and smooth. The discs or Rasmalai balls are made from this yellow beautiful mixture and are then added to the Chashni which has been cooked with sugar, water and cardamom powder. After they merge well, the dish is removed from the cooking utensil and refrigerated so it is perfect to take away the summer heat. Order the best Rasmalai online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Rasmalai (1pc)

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