Amritsari Paneer Kulcha

Kulcha, the shaan of Punjab, a flatbread that is eaten during all times of the day with different Punjabi curries because of its lightness. We at Pind Patiala are proud to make it for you. A Pind-Patiala signature bread, Amritsari Paneer Kulcha is made with all-purpose flour or maida to which Paneer or Cottage Cheese is stuffed and rolled to evenly spread the Paneer. The process of pleating is especially important in making a Kulcha so that it defines layers and is soft at the same time. When the Kulcha is ready to grace the tawa, it is adorned with some desi ghee on both sides to help it cook evenly and retain its yellow- white colour that is definitive of the Kulcha being soft. Just before removing it from the chulha, the Kulcha is put directly on the flame and it is there that it acquires that perfect colour with the surface of the bread being equally cooked as the paneer stuffing that lies inside. This flatbread that we’ve brought directly from the lanes of Ambarsar for you, can be happily had with any curry-based dish. Order the best Amritsari Paneer Kulcha online near me in Delhi and get it home delivered.

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Amritsari Paneer Kulcha

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