Dhaba Pudina Parantha

Pudina is our favourite ingredient--perfect for garmi and yet delightful tasty! So, when summer call for it, the Dhaba Pudina Parantha comes to the rescue - distressed layers of atta mixed in with pudina and ghee, the Parantha is a sight to behold. The exquisite dough for this is made by chopping beautiful green Pudina or Mint leaves into a wheat dough that is kneaded with oil and water. The real taste of the Parantha comes through because of the tireless kneading, or gundna in Punjabi, allowing for the Parantha to become soft as you knead it. The layers of the Parantha finally emerge when it is rolled into smaller balls and made into a Parantha shape. Furthermore, the dough is then pressed in fans, creating ripples in the paratha. With a gracious amount of oil applied, the Parantha is then cooked on the tawa to get a crispy and delectable flatbread that is then taken off the fame after it achieves that perfect golden brown shimmer and is then laced with ghee again. But, the most fun part of the paratha is to crush it between you palms and place it on the plate, giving it that certain karar, that absolute crispiness which makes every foodie go waah bhai waah! Order the best Dhaba Pudina Parantha online in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Dhaba Pudina Parantha

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