Garlic Naan

A signature bread at Pind Patiala, Garlic Naan is one that we are most proud of making and delivering to you. A fusion that speaks of the coming together of the Pind and the Sheher, our Garlic Naan is a contemporary take on a tradition that all of us have tasted in our lives. The classic making of the Naan is achieved by battering the Maida, with Water and Oil and beaten consistently until it becomes fluffy and juicy enough to roll it into a Naan. After rolling, there is fresh grated garlic that is added to the dough and it is then that it further rolled into a Naan with bare hands. The Tandoor adorns the Naan by making it soft and crispy while also helping assimilate and cook the garlic so that its taste evenly spreads across the leavened bread. The Garlic Naan is almost like a hunarmand-kalandar, it can be enjoyed with a Curry or even separately. Order the best Garlic Naan online near me in Delhi NCR and get it home delivered.

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Garlic Naan

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